Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie & Body by Victoria Bras

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Skiivies.  We all need them.  These are the ones I love:

On the bottom...
Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie Bikini & Hiphugger
Cool, comfy, stretchy, light cotton.  What could be better?  These are the perfect cut so they're not riding too high or too low.  They're not wedgie inducing.  They're anti-crack.  They come in so many colors and designs, and they often have the VS Panty Raid which is 7 for $26.  I have a hard time holding back!

On the top...
Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Demi Bra
I tend to only buy this bra when I have some cash to spare and am in need of a nice, sturdy, yet uber comfortable bra. The cups are lightly lined with memory foam. It's glorious. Now, this doesn't mean that the cups remember the shape of your girls. It means when you're wearing this bra, your girls are comfortably nestled in soft cups that conform to your shape. This is also quite a pretty bra, in my opinion. The solid and patterned designs come in a soft, stretchy microfiber material. The lace style (which is lined) isn't as soft but isn't itchy, and has the additional femininity that lace provides. The cups and straps also have a delicate picot trim and a tiny bow resting right between Lisa and Marie. By far, my favorite bra I've owned.

Now you all know my favorite brands and styles of undies.  There you have it.

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