Remington Curling Rod

Friday, September 14, 2012

Here is a gadget that I would really miss if they ever stop making it. This is the easiest, near-dummy proof curling iron I have ever used. (I say "near-dummy proof" because to say a curling IRON is dummy proof is an oxymoron.) This one in particular has a pretty pink pearly shaft. They say the ceramic has crushed pearls in it, but I'm pretty sure that's just a marketing ploy, even though it is quite smooth. I have both sizes, the smaller one for spiral curls, the fat one for big barrel curls. It also comes with a glove to protect your hand, which it does (so I use it every time), but it is not heat proof. It's merely an additional layer to protect you from burning your skin off. It's similar to those stretchy cotton gloves you might wear in the fall. The iron has a digital temperature display and you can hold down the (-) button in order to lock in the temperature that you've set the iron. This is handy if you accidentally push in the buttons with your thumb when you're curling your hair. To power it on or off, you have to hold in the button which also helps to prevent accidental on/off. I feel like this is the easiest curling iron I've ever used because of the lack of the clamp. I never got the hang of being able to curl my hair without accidentally kinking or getting my hair stuck in that stupid clamp. Or knowing which direction I should clamp my hair in, then twist my hair. (I'm a very uncoordinated hair stylist, which is why it's hardly ever done nicely.) With this pink beauty, I just twist my hair around, hold, hold, let go. Perfect ringlet! There is a minor learning curve in figuring out how to twist your hair around so that your hair lays flat, not in an actual twist. It can also be awkward to have both arms up at all times, but once you get the hang of it, curling goes super quick even on my super thick hair.

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