Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In recent years I go back and forth on being okay with my size. Then I find clothes like Torrid's, and I am quite happy with myself.

Torrid tends to have more of an edgy style, but some of their clothes are pretty nice. They have especially nice dresses, and are cut to fit a voluptuous figure beautifully. I've also bought work clothes and lingerie from Torrid, and have loved everything I've bought. Their clearance is awesome but sales are final, which sucks if you're ordering online.

At the store, their customer service is awesome. All the ladies are super friendly and I secretly wish I could pull off the rockabilly look. They are around if you need a different size or just an opinion on something you're trying on, but they don't smother you. They also offer up great suggestions if you've got an idea of what you're looking for, or just have an occasion to shop for.

Torrid has their own rewards program called Diva Style. I haven't racked up enough purchases to benefit from it, but they do send you a $10 coupon for your birthday. They also have a credit card available, which I would SO have if my husband allowed. (Not having one really is better for our financial health though.) Their downfall is that their clothes are definitely more expensive than I like to buy unless I'm completely in love with an item, or am looking for a special occasion.

Here are some of the items I've bought from Torrid:
I also have a pair of baby pink fishnets that are SO CUTE but I still don't know what to wear them with. Any suggestions??

Remington Curling Rod

Friday, September 14, 2012

Here is a gadget that I would really miss if they ever stop making it. This is the easiest, near-dummy proof curling iron I have ever used. (I say "near-dummy proof" because to say a curling IRON is dummy proof is an oxymoron.) This one in particular has a pretty pink pearly shaft. They say the ceramic has crushed pearls in it, but I'm pretty sure that's just a marketing ploy, even though it is quite smooth. I have both sizes, the smaller one for spiral curls, the fat one for big barrel curls. It also comes with a glove to protect your hand, which it does (so I use it every time), but it is not heat proof. It's merely an additional layer to protect you from burning your skin off. It's similar to those stretchy cotton gloves you might wear in the fall. The iron has a digital temperature display and you can hold down the (-) button in order to lock in the temperature that you've set the iron. This is handy if you accidentally push in the buttons with your thumb when you're curling your hair. To power it on or off, you have to hold in the button which also helps to prevent accidental on/off. I feel like this is the easiest curling iron I've ever used because of the lack of the clamp. I never got the hang of being able to curl my hair without accidentally kinking or getting my hair stuck in that stupid clamp. Or knowing which direction I should clamp my hair in, then twist my hair. (I'm a very uncoordinated hair stylist, which is why it's hardly ever done nicely.) With this pink beauty, I just twist my hair around, hold, hold, let go. Perfect ringlet! There is a minor learning curve in figuring out how to twist your hair around so that your hair lays flat, not in an actual twist. It can also be awkward to have both arms up at all times, but once you get the hang of it, curling goes super quick even on my super thick hair.

EOS Shave Cream

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I picked this up at Target one day because it advertises that you can shave wet or dry. I tend to not shave in the shower in the mornings because like I've said before, I wake up as late as possible in the morning. This doesn't leave time for shaving. However, I have been trying my best to be a better and less prickly wife, so I thought this would help me out. It does! I like this stuff. It's like a thick lotion that you smear on. Let it sit for a few seconds (I never do though because I'm impatient), then shave that shiznitch off. The only problem with this is it gunks up your razor pretty fast, so I have to have the sink running with super hot water to clean off the razor after a few swipes. Once you're done, you can rub in any leftover cream. My legs always feel like I've just slathered them in nice rich lotion, plus they're nice and smooth like a good wife should be.

Added perks are that the bottle is that smooth soft sort of plastic that EOS uses, unlike other shave gels which tend to have metal bottoms that rust in the shower. It's also just nice to touch. I bought the Raspberry Vanilla scent which is nice smelling, but nothing to write home about. The bottle has little thumb prints on the side to make it easier to grip in the shower. Or outside of the shower, if you are really bad at holding things.

All in all, I like this shave cream, but you could also use a nice thick lotion and use it the same way without purchasing an extra product.

Revlon Hot Air Styler

Monday, September 10, 2012

Several months ago I cut off all my wedding hair - 7 inches!! Since it was a really nice length, at the collarbone, I wanted to attempt to blow out my hair with a round brush. Knowing how uncoordinated I am in the hair department, I found an even better tool. A hot air styler! Genius. I remember my grandma having one like 20 years ago. Why did these go out of style? Bitches be crazy. Anyway, I opened the package and then had no clue how on earth to use the damn thing. I turned to my BFF, Google. Google is so smart. Google knows everything! Google is also an excellent teacher and has taught me how to do countless things that people think I'm talented for. (Ha!) So, Google taught me how to use the hot air styler to make me pretty. It's not much different than if you were to use a round brush and blow dryer. It just combines the tools into one. (I use the large round attachment pictured in the middle.) I have to separate my hair into layers since it's superthick, but when I'm in a hurry I can do thicker layers if I use the High setting. I don't like using the High setting because 1) heat on your hair is BAD, 2) it sounds like a jet engine in your ear. (I mean come on, you're putting the bread & butter of a hair dryer right in your ear. Of course it would sound like that.) Also, using the hot air styler does not always produce a perfect blow out. At minimum, it produces a NEAR perfect blow out, but sometimes I will go over the top layer real quick with my flat iron.

Again I ask, why did this tool go out of style?!

Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie & Body by Victoria Bras

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Skiivies.  We all need them.  These are the ones I love:

On the bottom...
Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie Bikini & Hiphugger
Cool, comfy, stretchy, light cotton.  What could be better?  These are the perfect cut so they're not riding too high or too low.  They're not wedgie inducing.  They're anti-crack.  They come in so many colors and designs, and they often have the VS Panty Raid which is 7 for $26.  I have a hard time holding back!

On the top...
Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Demi Bra
I tend to only buy this bra when I have some cash to spare and am in need of a nice, sturdy, yet uber comfortable bra. The cups are lightly lined with memory foam. It's glorious. Now, this doesn't mean that the cups remember the shape of your girls. It means when you're wearing this bra, your girls are comfortably nestled in soft cups that conform to your shape. This is also quite a pretty bra, in my opinion. The solid and patterned designs come in a soft, stretchy microfiber material. The lace style (which is lined) isn't as soft but isn't itchy, and has the additional femininity that lace provides. The cups and straps also have a delicate picot trim and a tiny bow resting right between Lisa and Marie. By far, my favorite bra I've owned.

Now you all know my favorite brands and styles of undies.  There you have it.

What I Do

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here is a little preview of what I do....

I am adding new designs to my Etsy shop all the time so be sure to visit often!