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I'm Sylvie, you may have gathered that.  I found out around June 2013 that I like to sew.  Like, a lot.  This blog has turned into the place I document the things I make, but the reason behind my blogging is three fold:
1) To get alllllllllllll my thoughts out somewhere.

2) To remember all my thoughts about the things I made.  And my thoughts about how I made them.

3) The BIGGEST one - is to put more information out on Google about things that are hard to find, not out there, vague, etc.

I hope you find something you enjoy reading.  I'm certainly happy you're here!  Please be sure to leave comments, I promise I will do a happy dance when you do.

Now for my entertainment purposes, and for the sake of you getting to know me better, I completed a pointless questionnaire!  Read ahead to really learn more about me.

 1.Were you name after anyone?
Yes, the French singer Sylvie Vartan.

2.Do you like your handwriting?
Yep, I write in cursive.  It's a lost art.

3.Do you have kids?
I have furbabies.  Lily and Miley the pugs, Linux the cat, and Tyrion the Russian Tortoise.

4.If you were another person would you be friend with you?
I think I'm a pretty awesome person, and I think pretty awesome people recognize that too.

5.What is the first thing you notice about people?
Whether they are warm and fuzzy like me.  I don't get along well with people who are the opposite.

6.Who do you miss the most?
My mom, she lives in another state.  Far, far away. :(

7. Any tattoos?
I have two tattoos.  As for what they are ..... it's a seeeeecreeeeeet!

8. If you were a crayon,what color would you be?
Turquoise.  I think turquoise represents all that is happy and cheerful.  Like me!

9.What is the farthest you been from home?
Australia!  When I was 14 my choir went for two weeks.  We sang in the Sydney Opera House!  Yeah, I'm that cool.

10.Do you have a special talent?
I can touch my tongue to my nose.

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