EOS Shave Cream

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I picked this up at Target one day because it advertises that you can shave wet or dry. I tend to not shave in the shower in the mornings because like I've said before, I wake up as late as possible in the morning. This doesn't leave time for shaving. However, I have been trying my best to be a better and less prickly wife, so I thought this would help me out. It does! I like this stuff. It's like a thick lotion that you smear on. Let it sit for a few seconds (I never do though because I'm impatient), then shave that shiznitch off. The only problem with this is it gunks up your razor pretty fast, so I have to have the sink running with super hot water to clean off the razor after a few swipes. Once you're done, you can rub in any leftover cream. My legs always feel like I've just slathered them in nice rich lotion, plus they're nice and smooth like a good wife should be.

Added perks are that the bottle is that smooth soft sort of plastic that EOS uses, unlike other shave gels which tend to have metal bottoms that rust in the shower. It's also just nice to touch. I bought the Raspberry Vanilla scent which is nice smelling, but nothing to write home about. The bottle has little thumb prints on the side to make it easier to grip in the shower. Or outside of the shower, if you are really bad at holding things.

All in all, I like this shave cream, but you could also use a nice thick lotion and use it the same way without purchasing an extra product.

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