Revlon Hot Air Styler

Monday, September 10, 2012

Several months ago I cut off all my wedding hair - 7 inches!! Since it was a really nice length, at the collarbone, I wanted to attempt to blow out my hair with a round brush. Knowing how uncoordinated I am in the hair department, I found an even better tool. A hot air styler! Genius. I remember my grandma having one like 20 years ago. Why did these go out of style? Bitches be crazy. Anyway, I opened the package and then had no clue how on earth to use the damn thing. I turned to my BFF, Google. Google is so smart. Google knows everything! Google is also an excellent teacher and has taught me how to do countless things that people think I'm talented for. (Ha!) So, Google taught me how to use the hot air styler to make me pretty. It's not much different than if you were to use a round brush and blow dryer. It just combines the tools into one. (I use the large round attachment pictured in the middle.) I have to separate my hair into layers since it's superthick, but when I'm in a hurry I can do thicker layers if I use the High setting. I don't like using the High setting because 1) heat on your hair is BAD, 2) it sounds like a jet engine in your ear. (I mean come on, you're putting the bread & butter of a hair dryer right in your ear. Of course it would sound like that.) Also, using the hot air styler does not always produce a perfect blow out. At minimum, it produces a NEAR perfect blow out, but sometimes I will go over the top layer real quick with my flat iron.

Again I ask, why did this tool go out of style?!

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