So, I Sew Now.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A couple of months ago I found a dress that I fell head.over.heels. in love with.
 source - Modcloth

I either had to have the dress, or I needed to quickly develop the skills to make about 8,000 of them myself.  Problem was, the dress was $90.  Despite my best efforts to save my precious coins, I ended up begging Hubs if he would buy it for me.  I wanted to learn how to sew it too, but a basic sewing machine costs around $100 itself, plus supplies, plus fabric, etc.  And I didn't even know if I *could* sew successfully.  Or if I would even like it.  Or maybe I would learn how, get frustrated, and give up for x y z reason.

{crickets} ...I tend to do that.

I was lucky enough to find a lovely vintage sewing machine in it's own little table off craigslist.  The owner used it only as an end table, so she was selling it for $5.  Score!  It even worked.  It just needed a little TLC.

Unfortunately, as I was giving it some TLC and testing it out, the motor started to smoke.  Oops.  My BFF Google told me that's not good and I would need to replace the motor.  Well I can't be bothered to do that, I have sewing learning to do immediately.  I will do it eventually just because vintage stuff is the bomb diggity, and I am still quite proud to be the owner of such a lovely machine.

Now, I've been able to mend stuff and sew on buttons by hand since the dawn of time.  I believe this knowledge came from my lovely grandma at some early stage of my life.  I remember when my mom learned to sew when I was about 10 and made my sister and I sweet little outfits.  She may have let me help her some, but honestly I don't remember much more than pins, a cutting mat, and spending way more time waiting while she poured over giant pattern books than a 10 year old had patience for.  It was preparing for my wedding that I suddenly really wanted to get a sewing machine, but that was another expense I just couldn't manage at the time.  So the desire has been brewing for a while now.  Finally, my sweet Hubs bought me a brand new refurbished sewing machine!
The heavens opened and shined upon my dining room table aka sewing room and the gods smiled at me.  I have a new friend.  We are quickly becoming well acquainted with each other.

More to come.

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