My First Finished Project - Colette Patterns Sorbetto

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gertie's blog also introduced me to some awesome indie pattern companies, like Colette Patterns and Sewaholic Patterns.  Colette Patterns has some suuuuuper cute stuff, so I thought I might first make the Crepe dress.  This is where I found out that fabric is expensive.  It could also have something to do with my love of dresses with full skirts (full skirt = lots of yardage), but I wanted to start sewing now and I didn't have the funds to back up my desire.  So I started with a free pattern, the Sorbetto top.
Super easy, downloadable PDF.  Instant gratification!  However, just because I wanted do sew now didn't mean I was willing to give up quality.  Why sew beautiful clothes out of crappy polyester material?  Apparently anything better than polyester is hard to find at Joann Fabrics.  But hard to find doesn't mean impossible, so I checked out their website and found a nice cotton lawn to make my very first top out of.

Blogs have also taught me different types of fabric!  Cotton lawn is nice and light, perfect for a summer top.  The Sorbetto pattern only has two pattern pieces, no closures, and is finished with bias binding on the edges.  There is room for plenty of embellishments on this nice simple pattern!  Since it's the first thing I've really made, per a real pattern, I decided to make a muslin to make sure the finished product would fit me properly.

**A muslin is a test garment made with super cheap fabric (mine was a sheet from the thrift store) with just the very basic pieces sewn together enough to get an idea of fit and whether any alterations are needed.**

Knowing my measurements didn't exactly line up with the pattern sizing, I took what I learned from the blogosphere and graded between the sizes I needed.  I also added a little extra where I knew my measurements exceeded the pattern sizing.  Ah, the magic of the internet!  Learning all this nifty stuff right away.  So I altered the pattern as needed and made up my muslin.  I don't have a picture of it, but I'm definitely glad I made it.  It was entirely too big in the sides and I wanted the scoop neckline to come down lower.  I made the changes needed and proceeded to cut out my REAL fabric.  As I was adding the bias binding, it's like the fabric was magically turning into an actual top!
squeee!  i made a shirt!
Yay!!!!  I would definitely make this top again, except I need to curve the side seams a bit better so it is more flattering than boxy.  I've worn this top plenty of times for the sake of hot weather and desire for comfort.  Seriously, I feel naked when I wear this.  It is so light and airy.  I also meant to take down the hem and finish it with more bias binding because once I hemmed it the top felt too short.
In any case, I think my first "real" wearable project turned out pretty freaking okay.  Woop woop!

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