Finally, a Beautiful Bruyere

Saturday, March 28, 2015

As soon as Deer & Doe released the Bruyere pattern, I was smitten. Completely in love. I'm not really one to wear button down shirts because being short waisted they are often difficult to buy in RTW that fit.
Of course the beauty in sewing is the ability to make items that are tailored to my unique shape, but button down shirts are also fairly intimidating. I've made items with several patter n pieces, so that wasn't intimidating, but all the detail in a button down shirt was. The collar, the cuffs, the shape, the buttons, and let's not forget - the topstitching.

I bought the most delicious light grey and white dot fabric from Blackbird Fabrics (sold out, but still available in navy/white) and knew the fabric and Bruyere were a match made in Heaven. I wanted to be sure that my Bruyere turned out perfectly, so I made a muslin to check the fit. I traced the pattern several months ago and my weight has dropped since then, so my muslin was a bit loose. I also found that the sleeve dropped off the shoulder quite a bit, so I shaved about 1/2" off the shoulders.

Even after having my muslin put together, it took me quite a while to actually sew my shirt. I was intimidated by it, so I favored easier and faster projects over my dear Bruyere. Finally one weekend I decided, we're doing this!!
I discovered that making a button down shirt is very satisfying! This is by far my favorite thing that I have ever made, and I plan to wear it far more than actually appropriate. I'm super impressed with myself and see more button down tops in my future. Yay for advancing skillz!!

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  1. This looks great! Now you can understand my Archer addiction! Sewing button up shirts is extremely satisfying and fun! Have you tried Ginger jeans yet? They are just as good!


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