Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I read on Tanya's blog about the Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge, and instantly knew I had to be part of it. It's no secret how much I adore my pugs, even my blog is named after my sweet Lily.

The challenge is to sew something dog related, or something for your dog. The ladies hosting the challenge have some really awesome sponsors for the prizes, which only sweetened the deal for me to participate.

I had a lot on my plate during February, so I had a hard time thinking of what I was going to make for this challenge. I sort of wanted to make something for myself, but I just couldn't fit another project on my plate. I decided I would make something for the Pugs and scoured my scraps stash for inspiration.

I found scraps of one of my Myrtle dresses (listed on my Top 5 of 2014 list), as well as scraps from my Nettie bodysuit (not blogged) for a pop of solid color to break up the print. I decided to make little matching dresses for my girls. I thought I would be able to draft a pattern based off one of their existing outfits, but that day I simply couldn't wrap my head around it and googled a pattern. I found this website, chock full of various styles all for free, and decided on the Winter Dress pattern.

Due to the sizes that the girls fit into, I only used the bodice portion of the pattern and cut them shorter to allow for the skirt. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted a solid piece to break up the pattern so I made a faux belt which I attached at the waist seam and side seams to secure it in place. I then gathered a solid rectangle for the skirts, and turned and stitched to finish the neck and arm holes.
These are the most adorable things I've ever made. It's a shame Miley prefers being a nudist, because they are both awfully cute in their dresses. It reminds me of when my sister and I dressed up in matching dresses for Easter.
I definitely found inspiration in seeing what everyone else has made. In particular, Heather's pug Alder shirtdress. This was the same fabric I was looking at when considering making something for myself, but seeing Heather's dress made me want to make something with that fabric too! I've already purchased the fabric, hopefully by next weekend I'll be working on a new pug themed Sewaholic Granville shirt.

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  1. These are soooooo adorable!! As are your pugs! Thanks for the mention too. That pug fabric is so great because although it's a bit Crazy Dog Lady, when you sew it up into a normal everyday garment, it looks really cute and sort of quirky - Anthropologie-ish. Well that's what I think anyway. Hooray for fellow Crazy Pug Ladies!


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