Impatience Makes For NEW Projects!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

So my Girl Charlee package isn't scheduled to arrive until Wednesday.  Ugh.  It's bad enough I had to spend all New Years Day doing nothing, I can't possibly spend the weekend this way too!  What's a sewer to do?

Move on to more stuff, of course!!

I've also been eyeballing Cake Patterns Hummingbird for a while.
Eventually I want to make both the Green top and the Pink skirt (flounce!!).  I wasn't sure at first if the Pink skirt would look good on me, but after searching the interwebs it is so freaking cute on everyone else.  My concern is a large tush area wouldn't necessarily be flattered by a flounce.  But, it is so.freaking.cute.  I'm also not in love with the neckline of the top, but again, it sure looks cute on everyone I can find!

This is why I blog.  To add more pictures of completed patterns to the interwebs, so stalkers sewists like me have more stuff to look at when they're deciding whether to make a pattern.

The Hummingbird skirt looks excellent on every tush I've seen online.  The patterns are made so you're really drafting your exact size as you cut the pattern, instead of some predetermined lines you hopefully will fit into.  Think of it like a connect the dots pattern.  This way of sizing has proven to create excellent fitting (and flattering) clothes with minimal after-tweaking.  I've read there are spots where the pattern advises to do a fit check, and the Hummingbird skirt can be taken in up to 4" (on each side I think) without distorting the pockets.  I'm pretty excited for this pattern because the Orange skirt looks like a great all-purpose every day skirt I can make up in a bunch of different fabrics.  I'm sewing the Pink skirt first, but I'm sure I'll make the Orange skirt somewhere down the line.

Now that I've decided this, I'm going to stroll through Joann's this weekend to find some complementary fabrics to make the top and skirt.  I don't really know what else to wear with the flounce skirt, so I'm planning them together.

It's hard to make a decision on fabric when looking at pictures online, but I found some fun combos on Joann's website.

This hot pink bottom weight would be super cute with a tonal dot on top!
 Or maybe this fun Sangria knit with a subtle yet fun leopard print skirt.

I could go for a more sophisticated put together look with a brown top and heathered brown skirt.
Meh.  I much prefer the bright colors and fun prints.  What do you think??

By the way, have you ever had hummingbird cake?  I had no idea it was a cake flavor!  Apparently it's a banana pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting and pecans.


  1. I gravitate towards leopard print myself. Plus, how can you go wrong with anything called Sangria? So, I vote for the second combo. :)

    1. Yay! That's the combo I went for!!


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