Dooney & Burke Haunted Mansion Inspired Purse

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It has been suggested to me that I make purses.  I've already made two little bags for the Renaissance Festival, why not keep at it?

So I did some googling research on it and drew up a design for a super cute purse for myself.  It was going to be grey corduroy and totally adorable.  I was looking at fabric to line it with when I had a sudden inspiration to imitate a purse that I.Am.In.Love. with.

The Dooney & Burke Haunted Mansion purse.

Now, I've never been one for labels.  Especially ridiculously priced purses.  #sorrynotsorry.  Then came this one.  So dark.  So beautiful.  So unique.  I need it.  I need it despite the $330 price tag and likelihood of it always being sold out.

I started to draw up a design I knew I could make.  I googled how to do a few special things to up the oomph factor.  I had decided on a black on black damask print fabric for the interior of my grey corduroy purse when I realized it actually would be perfect for my own version of the Haunted Mansion purse.
Yep.  That will do.  I picked a bright red broadcloth for the interior, and black sateen for the straps. (Leather straps are like, $20 for a set.)  The next step is to turn my drawing into pattern pieces on swedish tracing paper, then it's off to assembly!  SOEXCITED.

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